Meet One + One Dallas

July 31, 2018

by Jason Lewis, Executive Director of One + One Dallas As a black man who grew up in the public school system, I was given a rare opportunity. In fourth grade, my teacher had suggested that I be tested for the “academically gifted” track.  Without realizing all that was at... read more

By Anita Goble, Kairos Outside Community Member That day started just like any other. My 2 year old was in the kitchen eating breakfast when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to approximately 10 FBI agents wearing bullet proof vests and weapons drawn. They had... read more

A note from Rachel Embry, Library Media Specialist at J.J. Rhoads.   Tuesday was a fun and exciting day in the J.J. Rhoads library.  Thanks to our partnership with First United Methodist Church of Dallas and the G06 class, over 1300 books were purchased (totaling $5,500)  in order for approximately 300... read more

By Rev. Holly G. Bandel This week, the NRA Convention will be in Dallas. There are those who are glad, those who are angry, and many who are indifferent. In the weeks since the mass shooting in a high school in Parkland, Florida, much has been said and done to... read more

We are very pleased to announce that Dorian Albert will be our new Minister with Youth and Their Families at FirstChurch effective May 1. Dorian has served faithfully for over five years as our Assistant Director of Children and Youth Ministries.  Dorian’s passion for ministry with youth and their families... read more