The time I laughed the hardest was when on tour in Georgia and Dana was on painkillers for her pulled back. We went out for milkshakes at midnight, sang “The Storm Is Passing Over” in a thunderstorm, and taught Dana how to take a selfie. – Miranda One of my... read more

By Rev. Linda Roby Each day I drive by White Rock Lake on the way to and from the church.  In their own way, the sun reflecting on the still glassy morning water, the wind blowing through the sails of small sailboats, and the waves of a brewing storm often... read more

Rise Update

May 12, 2017

A little over three years ago, the Rise Fund was just a dream... Our annual Easter letter called the “Resurrection Letter” and conversations with our members, partner agencies, and neighbors nurtured the idea of a Rise Fund that would cast a vision for a stronger, more compassionate Dallas. We began... read more

By Dana Effler The Enneagram has helped me see my personality in action, understand my motivations, and let go of excesses - the strengths that can become my weaknesses.  It has allowed me to see for the first time what has been right in front of me all along, empowering... read more

Dear FirstChurch, As this season as your Perkins Pastoral Intern draws to a close, I grow increasingly grateful for the hospitality and grace this body of Christ has shown me. Although my time here has been short, I have had the honor of serving in multiple capacities - participating in... read more