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News Archives : April 2016

In loving memory of my grandmother, Shirley Halas (1928-2016) I thought I was prepared. The years of sitting with families. The training in hospitals. The provision of hope in ritual. All of it did not ready me for the human experience of watching my loved one die. There was little... read more

Beyond Our Shores

April 25, 2016

International travel connects people to people, opening our eyes to the wonder and beauty of the world’s great diversity. When we visit people in other countries, we learn not only about others but from others. Broadening our perspectives in this way shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world personally,... read more

Walk. Pray. Love.

April 11, 2016

(A reflection by Frank Roby) Walking the city, we realize we are close enough to touch the prosperous and the poor; close enough to choose whom to greet – the beautiful or the disheveled – and we do choose.  And doing so defines us just a little. On Saturday morning,... read more

A Celtic Mass

April 5, 2016

In just over one week, the Chancel Choir will present A Celtic Mass during 11:00 worship. This Dallas premier will include a 25 piece orchestra and three distinctive Celtic instruments, the uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), Irish whistle, and Celtic harp. Local composer, R. Daniel (Rick) Holt, has been a lifelong... read more