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News Archives : March 2019

Over Spring Break, we had a group of children and adults spend time serving at the Methodist Children's Home of Costa Rica. We are so grateful to have one of those volunteers, Vicky Benish, talk about her experience with mission trips, and what this particular trip meant to her and... read more

In the past 10 days, we've heard from members and non-members alike on the personal thoughts, opinions and emotions that resulted from the General Conference vote. As you can imagine, that feedback has run the gamut; people have expressed everything from confusion to anger to hurt to optimism for the... read more

2019 General Conference resulted in a myriad of thoughts, opinions and emotions. It also pushed many to consider their own beliefs and how exactly they envision the church in their place in it. As we move into Lent, we walk into the perfect time to reflect on our thoughts, beliefs... read more