Spring Classes

2020 has presented us a new opportunity to make shifts and changes with discipleship programming – this new offering is called The Walk.

This framework for discipleship still focuses on ‘making disciples of Jesus Christ’, yet places a greater emphasis on connection with each other and with God, rather than primarily knowledge sharing. The offerings in this framework focus on allowing visitors and members to connect with one another in semi-structured environments, while gaining knowledge that helps them maximize their most important relationships (e.g. with God, with self, with loved ones).

Discipleship is a lifelong journey and this framework is designed to foster relationships where members walk alongside each other as they learn and grow in God. Leaning on Jesus calling in the disciples in Matthew 4, this new model is named The Walk to reinforce the model of discipleship rooted in trust, belief, growth and connection.

Below are the 2020 offerings within this framework coming in January and February:

Sunday Morning Communities

Sunday morning communities are five to six-week sessions that occur during the 9:45 a.m. hour in open space, roundtable formats. A visitor or member sits at a table and is immediately connected to a “cohort” of other attendees. Each table group is “led” by a table leader, who facilitates conversation guided by the day’s lesson. The session starts has a 15-minute lesson by a “large group leader” each week, and then the table leader facilitates discussion.

The material shared each week is such that anyone could drop into one of these sessions and  be able to participate. Yet, the overall goal is that over the course of five or six weeks, the group that has been at a table together might elect to stay together, spin off into their own class, or set up some other way establishing themselves as a group.

Parenting Seminar

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging – let the experts teach you how to maximize communication and employ best practices that can make the parenting journey smoother. See the video below for more information on this March 7 workshop. Click here to register.