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Sunday Morning Classes

We nurture faith in community, and adult classes are the primary place community is built in our church. Most classes meet on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. Schedule updates will be posted as we resume in-person ministry activities. Click here for more details.

Adult Sunday school classes:

Agape (for couples engaged or married)

To families and couples who welcome diverse points of view, AGAPE is a loving, Christ seeking community inviting interaction and open interpretation of scripture and beliefs while supporting each other in navigating the balancing act of life.
Lower Level, Room G04

Aldersgate (mature adults)

Mature adults who base their faith on scripture, tradition, experience and reason,
and who want to live their faith.  Guest teachers provide information and lead
discussion.  Business meetings are on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00
in the Aldersgate classroom  (covered dish brunch).  Visitors and new members
are always welcome.
2nd Floor Crossroads Bldg., Room 212

Class, Etc. (couples & singles, 60 - 80)

Class Etc. is made up of couples and singles very active in all aspects of FUMC as well as the community.  Classes are primarily lecture format and focus on scripture, Christian history and theology.  Service is an important part of living our faith and members are involved with many outreach programs throughout the year.  Fun is important too and parties are scheduled once a quarter for our small groups in member homes, along with movie nights during the summer months.  Membership varies in age, marital status, theology and politics but we all join as one in caring for each other and growing as Christian disciples.  Visitors and new members will find a welcoming environment in Class Etc.
Lower Level, Room G06

Covenant (couples & singles -- all ages)

Couples and singles of all ages and diverse interests who enjoy lively discussion and thought-provoking study. The class is bound together by a covenant in which all persons are equally valued and all viewpoints are accorded respect. Covenant is a reconciling class who welcomes people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, disabilities and sexual orientations.
2nd Floor, Educational Bldg., Room 201

Disciples (All ages, in-depth theology, Bible and social issues)

An intergenerational discussion/dialogue group, interested in contemporary political, social and economic issues from a Christian perspective. All persons who like this format are welcome regardless of age or marital status. Lower Level, Room G14

DOUBL-AIRES (couples & singles, 55 and over)

A very active and involved membership which participates in all aspects of the Church’s ministry. Class sessions are primarily lecture oriented. Subjects range from theology to current events as they relate to the Church’s mission. Family oriented group enjoys monthly social events and has active mission project involvement.
Level One, Crossroads Center West

Foundations (parents)

With a mix of new and experienced parents with children ranging from newborns to high school age, Foundations is an ideal class setting for dynamically and realistically discussing the challenges and joys of family and parenting. In class, we host speakers on topics including marriage and family, conduct Bible and book studies, discuss current events and issues, and take time to socialize.  Outside of class, we serve the Dallas community and make plenty of time for family-focused fellowship.  Worried about being late to Sunday school? There’s no such thing as “too late” at Foundations.  We are an accepting and loving, albeit sometimes sleep-deprived, group who welcomes visitors and new members.
Lower Level, Room G01

Genesis (couples w/school-aged and young adult children. Singles are also welcome.)

This class offers couples and individuals a climate for personal spiritual growth through lecture/discussions on various topics, including: Bible study, current social issues, parenting and marriage communication. This class also emphasizes active support of such ministries as Crossroads Community Services and other independent projects. Monthly potluck dinners in the homes of class members contribute to the warm Christian fellowship enjoyed by this class.
Level One, Crossroads Center East

Interpretations (Singles and couples -- 30's to 40's with & without kids)

This dynamic group of men and women are getting to know God and themselves better through focusing on His Word. A variety of Sunday morning programming (Bible study, Christian analysis of current events, and guest teachers) keeps things interesting and fun. Class begins with coffee time and fellowship followed by the lesson. This family of friends is a caring and nurturing group serving God and helping others. Social events are regularly scheduled.
Lower Level, Room G10

Journey (All ages and stages.)

We learn through studies based on the Old and New Testament as well as contemporary writings. Discussion and leadership is shared.
Lower Level, Room G12

Pathways (parents of infants and toddlers)

We are a lively group with infants and toddlers. We love to learn more about scripture study, be involved with church-wide projects, and enjoy socializing outside of the church setting.  Our group is a great support system for new parents!
Third Level, G07

Rise, Shine! (couples, singles, families)

Rise, Shine! is an inclusive class that meets early at 9:30 a.m.  Our membership is a diverse mix of couples, singles, and families.  The curriculum is guided by our vision to grow spiritually through discussion of relevant issues with a biblical and theological groundwork.  We engage our members in mission, outreach and social events, building strong bonds among our class families.  Rise, Shine! is open to visitors and new members! This class begins at 9:30 a.m. and concludes 8 minutes before choir call each Sunday.
Lower Level, Room G11

The Early Class (a class for anyone)

The Early Class begins at 9:30 a.m. and concludes 8 minutes before choir call each Sunday.  We discuss themes and books we choose and lessons are prepared by class members or guest leaders. Thinkers and prayers are always welcome.
Lower Level, Room G09

The G06 Class (couples and singles 40's plus)

The GO6 Sunday School Class of First United Methodist Church in Dallas is an innovative, discussion-based class.  The class is composed of a diverse group of individuals who vary in age, marital status, theology, and politics, and who come from various parts of the DFW Metroplex. Discussions are customarily centered on books or texts chosen by the class for reading.  We believe our discussion format better allows clarity to each of us, with each of us better internalizing the principals of our faith and the application of these principals in our daily lives.  The primary focus is applying Christian values to everyday life. The class is welcoming and inclusive of all persons, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation (straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). We welcome all persons into full participation in the United Methodist Church through our congregation’s open table in the heart of Dallas’ Arts District.  It has gone through the formal process of becoming a Reconciling Class meaning that it thinks God’s church should welcome all people in whatever role they choose to participate – member, clergy, staff, lay leadership. GO6 provides quarterly dinners for the folks living at Ewing House, a residential facility for people living with AIDS.  It also raises funds annually so that the students at J.J. Rhoads Elementary School in South Dallas can all receive a book of their own at the end of the academic year.
Level 2 Crossroads, Room 213

UrbanLife (young professionals, 20s - 30s)

UrbanLife is a place for young professionals (20s -30s) to explore issues of faith and life. Through education, service, and community we will discover God doing the work of formation and transformation in the world.

Contact Evan Jones, Director of Discipleship Ministries at 214-220-2727, ext. 204 for more information.

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