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The love of Christ has shaped generations of individuals and families through the community of faith located at the corner of Ross and Harwood. On this corner of the world, the body of Christ called First United Methodist Church of Dallas, all events and seasons of life are taught, celebrated, lived out and honored; from birth to baptism to confirmation, to marriage, to worship of God and Spiritual growth and finally all are loved unto death.

As Christians, we believe that death is not the final word, but a means of grace to welcome us home. This very space where we have shared in the life and love of Jesus Christ, seems to be the most natural space to honor and celebrate God’s promise of eternal life.

In early Christian times, preferred burial space was within the church itself where the faithful gathered for a memorial celebration service.  The word “Columbarium” is derived from “Columba”, the Latin word for a “dovecote”, or a compartmented house where doves come to safely roost. For Christians, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, God’s peace and grace. The Columbarium is a consecrated space created for the safe keeping of our beloved’s ashes. It is a respectful place for Christians to finally rest and is a place for quiet meditation and prayer.


The Columbarium at FirstChurch features a wall of niches which accommodates urns filled with the earthly remains of any member or former member of the church, ordained Methodist minister, employees and former employees of the Church, and spouses, parents, children, and grandchildren (natural, adopted, foster or step) of the above-mentioned persons.rendering-2

The Columbarium at FirstChurch has diffused lighting which creates an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Traditional materials recall the rich history of FirstChurch and weaves this Columbarium naturally into the historic structure.



For generations, the faithful have honored their loved ones by placing their bodies in safe, sacred places to honor the body. By placing the ashes of our loved ones within the church, we recognize that our loved ones have become members of the cloud of witnesses who surround us with encouragement in our own earthly journeys.

With burial in the church, we are reminded that life abounds even in the face of death. The Columbarium offers our members and their families yet another sacred space for convenient visitation and remembrance.

With mindful, careful planning, families may find the Columbarium is a way to create a lasting gift for the family. The total cost for a two-person niche is estimated to be as little as half the cost of in-ground burial.

We are called to be good stewards of God’s gifts in this life and for the generations to come. Stewardship of this beautiful land we enjoy is minimized and ashes are virtually free of all environmental hazards.

If you would like additional information or have further questions, please contact Rev. JoNell Lindh at 214-697-5825.

Payment Options

Payment in full for members: $4,500.

Payment in full for non-members: $5,600.

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