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Altar Guild

Mission Statement:
The Altar Guild prepares and maintains the elements of communion and sacred design that provide an aspect of spiritual nourishment, visual focus and inspiration for our worship services.

Altar Kneelers
The Altar Guild commissioned Sheliah Osher to design individual cushions for the Chancel Rail. Each cushion tells the story of Christ’s life and was donated in honor or memory of a loved one. Twenty-seven stitchers have dedicated two years to needle pointing 3,000,000 stitches, clocking over 10,000 hours on this project. All of this was done under the expert leadership of Corinne Bryan.

The Chrismon Banners
The Chrismon Banners around the balcony during the Advent season represent designs used by some of the earliest Christians to transmit the faith and beliefs of the artist-teach to the viewer.  The banners were fabricated by members of the Banner Committee, chaired by Veta Boswell with the help of other volunteers.

All Saints Banners – A Cloud of Witnesses
The sixteen banners displayed for All Saints Sunday show the heraldic symbols of the four writers of the Gospels and the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus to spread the Gospel throughout the world.  The presence of the banners is symbolic of the “cloud of witnesses” for whom we give special thanks on “All Saints  Sunday.”  The earliest of Christian disciples and martyrs, these pioneers of the faith, remind us of all of those who have lived and died in the Lord.

Easter Banners
Throughout history banners have been used to rally troops and people together. They have been raised when the enemy is defeated as a sign of victory. Banners are not only a visual enhancements to worship, they can accomplish a work in the realm of the Spirit as we raise them high. The 10 banners, which are processed on Easter morning, were designed by Melissa Sobotka.


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