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Goodrich Gallery

The Goodrich Gallery enriches our church with exhibits featuring the work of gifted local artists.

The Stewpot Artists 

The Goodrich Gallery is pleased to present work from The Stewpot Artists.  Since the gallery is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, please go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/GoodrichGallery/photos to view the artwork. To purchase artwork, please go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-stewpot-artists-tickets-116469281757.

One of the best known and most beloved Stewpot programs, the Art Program is a community outreach program serving the homeless and at-risk populations of Dallas. It is open to people looking for an environment to express and create through the medium of art. Classes are held daily on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and afternoon, and Thursday morning and afternoon. Exhibitions of work are held throughout the year.


Charles William ~

My higher power is my inspiration, working for him.  Having been given the gift to express art…to educate and to share the light to those in the dark. The art program at the Stewpot provides all necessary means- the supplies and the choir. “To come and do and be done. Talents are hard.”

Stephen Kehr ~

My inspiration are the art teachers of the past.  I went to the YWCA and took an art class with a really fun teacher.  Everyone was really nice and that is why I like to paint.  The Stewpot program is helping me because I am homeless and I get to put my art up to sell- it’s really nice to put my work in the shows.

Charles Piano ~

Inspiration of making blankets because it is a dying art.  I use fresh patterns, fabric, and colors to liven up old ideas- to make something old new again.  The program gives me the space and supplies, but also gives the opportunity to sell my art and to improve my life by receiving money for my work.

Fernando Segovia ~

Inspiration is my wife and children and the memories and experiences.  I use my art to feel good- my hands, my body, and the awareness of looking for perfection.  The program is important for survival and to help a human with resources.  It brings a little to my life, a big solution for the homeless.

Gershon Trunnell ~

Joy and giving thanks are my inspirations.  To relay the message of my connection to my history.  The Stewpot gives me the opportunity to practice and showcase my talent.

Christopher Steinhoff ~

Jesus is my inspiration.  My being sober and certain friends also inspire me.  The program keeps out of trouble and helps me to work on my talent.

David- Flying B ~

Inspiration is to communicate with others and exploring my imagination.  The program is important to establish me as an artist because of the numerous shows they do.

Jennifer Moore ~

Nature and culture inspire me.  The program at the Stewpot is an outlet for creativity and helps people in poverty.

Luis Arispe ~

My inspiration is my Grandma – all that I do is because of her.  Her garden and her talking to me about what I should do.  With the program I get to meet people and have conversation and do my work.

Leon Pollard ~

I get inspiration from looking at the great masters and going to museums.  The program gets me to express myself.  God gave me a gift and I continue to apply it.

Sara Lackey ~

Inspiration comes from God and specifically animals and nature.  The program relieves stress of being in the shelter and allows me to do my art and to meet new people.

Misty Zacharias ~

Many things inspire me.  Nothing in particular and yet everything at the same time; people and life.  When I discovered Da Vinci, there was nothing else.  The Stewpot art program encourages people to discover and work on their skills.  Here I discovered my own talent.

Velietta Dickens-Rogers ~

Inspiration is a God thing- looking up into the heavens and all its beauty.  The Impressionists and their landscapes also influenced my desire to paint.   I couldn’t afford school and I discovered the Stewpot and was accepted into the program.  I have learned so much in the way I feel on the inside and I express what needs to come out.  The program saved my life.

Cornelious Brackens, Jr. ~

God is my inspiration.  The program allows me to think independently and to function.  It has taught me a lot about things I didn’t think I could do.

Art Program Director – Betty Heckman

bettyh@thestewpot.org   |   214.382.5912

For questions, please contact Anne Oncken in Music and Arts at 214-220-2727, X 218 or Aoncken@fumcdallas.org.

All FUMC services and activities have been cancelled temporarily due to Covid-19, but artwork is still available for sale on EventBrite.

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