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Goodrich Gallery

The Goodrich Gallery enriches our church with exhibits featuring the work of gifted local artists.
The Gallery is open on Sundays.

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July & August Exhibit – National Park Photography by Anthony Jones

Meet the Artist will be held Sunday, July 11 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in the gallery.

Anthony Jones, who friends and family call “AJ,” lives in the Seattle, Washington area with his wife and their two daughters.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, AJ exercised his Mechanical Engineering degree at Paccar and Ingersoll Rand for 17 years in roles of design engineering, sales, and management. In 2016 though, he realized that the workload was resulting in too little time with family. AJ bid farewell to his professional colleagues and embraced a more family-friendly, self-paced occupation as an author, writing guidebooks for photographers visiting U.S. National Parks.

Unbeknownst, his national park photography work for his books had already begun. In April 2011 AJ visited Joshua Tree National Park, laying the foundation for what would become regular photography pilgrimages to many other U.S. National Parks.
AJ enjoys the planning and logistics aspect of travel as much as the trip itself, and in so he recognized a shortage of available books focused on the photographer’s specific needs while visiting national parks. Not long after a visit to Big Bend National Park in 2016, the idea was born – to write a series of these types of books, when time and participation between family activities allow. The series’ premise would be straightforward – to pursue popular parks first that were currently
underserved by available, similar resources. Mount Rainier National Park was an obvious first choice, which is less than 100 miles from AJ’s home. This first book, published in 2018, has since been followed by Zion National Park in 2019 and Joshua Tree National Park in 2020. Olympic National Park work is currently underway with an anticipated publication date in February 2022.

Artist Statement

The prints on display at the Goodrich Gallery demonstrate landscape photography that is attainable by others while within U.S. National Parks. The photos celebrate the majestic and interesting sites we can all access. Some of the prints are presented in AJ’s books, with detailed information on how they can be photographed. Others were captured between 2011-2021 at national parks not yet publicized.

The prints are considered “High Definition” (high resolution and with high dynamic range & brightness) and are produced using a dye-sublimation process onto an aluminum sheet. Each aluminum print is then mounted to a lightweight, museum-quality backing.

Only basic adjustments to shadows, highlights, saturation, and contrast are made. AJ feels this is important so as to genuinely represent the scenes naturally, as they were witnessed when captured.

Each print on display includes a “hidden feature” of sorts. A one-off Polaroid print with a section of the image is mounted on the backside of the print with AJ’s handwritten notes specific to the site and camera settings used for the digital capture.

The exhibited prints and a limited quantity of signed guidebooks are available for purchase.

Additional prints are available for order directly from the artist.

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