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Goodrich Gallery

The Goodrich Gallery enriches our church with exhibits featuring the work of gifted local artists.  The Gallery will be open on Sundays starting in May.

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May Exhibit – Oil Paintings by Rebekah Naylor

Rebekah Lanier Naylor is a painter living in Dallas, TX. She’s been a painter and drawer since very early childhood and has always considered herself an artist.

In 2017 while studying International Studies and Environmental Science at the Ohio State University, she dedicated herself to pursuing painting and has been studying and creating art consistently since. She currently is a resident artist at Goldmark Cultural Center where she creates and teaches private lessons.

Rebekah has dabbled in collage, acrylics, gouache, oil pastels, and charcoal but recently has focused completely on oil painting. Oil painting is a medium that requires significant patience as it takes many days to dry. This allows for a longer and intimate experience of creation where the artist has the opportunity to take away and rework the art in a way similar to sculpting.

The act of painting gives Rebekah space to breathe and think and understand. Painting has become an act of meditation and an act of worship. She wishes that wherever her paintings end up they offer their viewer the same comfort.

Artist Statement
This collection of oil paintings contains my life through 2020 and the beginning of 2021 as I began to look closer at myself and my world through a healing lens.

The majority of these paintings are inspired by images captured on camera or video by myself and chosen later to be painted. The separation from the event or space allows a dreamlike quality to emerge as I travel through my memories and feelings about the subject.

Part of this collection is a series of self portraits that evolve as the year progressed into a higher vibrancy, a closer crop, and more expressive qualities. Eventually I began painting the faces of close friends as well.

The rest is an appreciation of beauty outside of myself, sometimes metaphorically representing me and perhaps you too. The landscapes are inspired by a solo trip I took backpacking through Spain and Portugal at the beginning of 2020. While quarantined during the months after I spent time reminiscing, reliving, and painting the landscapes, expansive skies, and free feelings.


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