United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church are part of a global network of women whose purpose is to know God and experience freedom through Jesus Christ. We develop a creative, supportive fellowship and expand mission by participating in the church’s global ministries.

At FirstChurch, five unit circles meet on a monthly basis for programs on topics of spiritual enrichment, social action, and missions. Once a quarter, the 5 circles come together for a unit meeting. Members are involved in Methodist-based outreach programs throughout the community, including Wesley Rankin Community Center, Project Transformation, Bethlehem Center, CC Young and Methodist Hospital. UMW also support global missionaries as well as the School of Christian missions and ecumenical activities.

Women of all ages are invited to join a circle and participate in United Methodist Women. For more information on United Methodist Women activities at FirstChurch, please contact Phyllis Cummins.

Esther Circle

Esther Circle Esther Circle is open to women of all ages who are interested in studying the UMW Mission Studies in depth. Meeting on the third Thursday of the month, members study and share to explore our faith and how it leads us into mission. Our Mission Statement is as follows. The Esther Circle is a gathering of women united by a thirst for and primary commitment to learning and by a love of study and a relentless will to know Jesus Christ. It is our belief that generosity, mission, diversity and grace follow from an informed, intelligent and intimate knowledge of Jesus.  Contact:  Dianne Schayot.

Eve Circle

Eve Circle is the newest circle at FirstChurch and is made up of young women, both single and married. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm, with meeting locations rotating between members’ homes.  Social outings are scheduled quarterly.  Eve circle is actively involved with Golden Cross ministry and teaches monthly classes on organizational skills to young expectant mothers who participate in Methodist Hospital’s prenatal classes. Eve members also teach goal setting workshops to High School students who participate in a leadership program through Golden Cross. If you are interested in learning more about Eve Circle, please contact Eve Circle Leaders: Leah Bailey or Michelle Woods.

Hannah Circle

Hannah Circle meets at 10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month from September through May with the exception of January. Members enjoy fellowship and learning from the UMW Reading Program, from UMW Mission Studies, and from those working in or close to the mission field. Outreach projects encompass all the various missions of the United Methodist Church. Meetings are held at C.C. Young in the Overlook Building, Mockingbird Point Room, with occasional field trips to other locations. Contact: Doris Marshall.

Mary Circle

Mary Circle meets the third Tuesday of the month in The Point on the C.C. Young campus. A short business meeting is followed by programs devoted to Bible study, mission or global concerns, and the UMW Program Book studies. Through personal giving, study, prayer, and service, members engage in the goals and purpose of United Methodist Women. Contact: Betty Watson.

Ruth Circle

The Ruth Circle holds monthly luncheon meetings at church on the third Sunday.  Programs include the UMW program material, Bible study, local and global concerns, and all missions of  the United Methodist Church. Contact: Phyllis Cummins.

Sarah Circle

Sarah Circle includes busy moms, as well as busy professionals. For that reason, we meet at different times and places. We attend Unit meetings, participate in mission work and studies, and enjoy fellowship activities. Contact:  Kama Koudelka.

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