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Vote 2021

Your vote is important!

As both citizens and Christians, it is imperative that we participate in the political process. Our experience with COVID-19 has shown just how much each one of our actions can affect our entire society; this election is yet another opportunity for each of our individual actions to impact the direction of our country. Regardless of who you vote for, it is important that each one of us exercises our right.

On this page you’ll find resources to help you navigate the deadlines leading up to election day, including general voting information for this area and other links that show you how to safely and effectively place your vote during the pandemic.

Texas Voting Locations and Additional Voting Information:                          www.VoteTexas.gov

Dallas County Voting Locations and Additional Voting Information:           www.DallasCountyVotes.org



Additional helpful resources:

Texas League of Women Voters

Texas Impact

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