A Bigger Table is truly about becoming Christ for our neighbors, our city and the world. God wants us to re-present God’s Bigger Table, establishing it as one for all people. We can only do that by attending generously to the preparations needed to serve at the Table: worship, study and service. Through these practices, and many more, we are able to taste and see the abundance of God’s provision. When we share generously of our resources – time, talents, and money – we provide the nourishment needed to take Christ into the world.  Every person in our church is blessed by the ministries that our gifts make possible. Our hope and dream of A Bigger Table is possible because of the generous support of the FirstChurch family.


The Table is much more than a place for dinner.

God’s Table provides a place for spiritual sharing – one where the core message of Christ is delivered, and where everyone can see and taste the abundance of God’s provision. A Bigger Table: Investing in Spiritual Community is a campaign that gives FirstChurch the opportunity to proclaim that there is room at the Table of faith for everyone.

We have laid the foundation to extend the Table.

Here are some of the ways your dollars have been put to work this past year to ensure we were prepared to continue to this journey of extending the Table to all.

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