Reflections from Baton Rouge

November 10, 2016

By Dana Roosa, FirstChurch member When we arrived in Baton Rouge, the city seemed to move as normal.  Planes landing and taking off, crazy drivers on the freeways, traffic jams, visitors from Alabama pouring in to celebrate the annual LSU-Alabama game. All the usual city momentum. But just 15 minutes... read more

By Rev. Linda Roby The cool, early morning breeze gave way to afternoon heat and humidity, paralleling the two dimensional country we were experiencing: one dimension refreshing and hopeful, another, the remnants of more than 50 years of seclusion. Traveling with us were two Cuban born Americans, Ruben and Alina Esquivel.... read more

A few things you probably didn't know about Louis Malone, a longtime member of FirstChurch's Building Services.  Tell me the story of how you got hired? Oh, Ken Cummins. He sang in the choir. He’s the one that brought me here 29 years ago. On Sept 19, 1987. 33 years old.... read more

Q & A with Kristen Gary, FirstChurch & Foundations member, and co-chair of Fall Festival You may have noticed some new faces running around Fall Festival this year, and it wasn’t a FirstKid in costume.  On October 16th, FirstChurch welcomed guests from a refugee group, For the Nations Refugee Outreach,... read more

A note from Emmanuel (Manny) Martinez as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month:  Three years ago after graduating from Lydia Patterson Institute, I embarked on a dream journey to continue my educational and ministerial preparation for what I felt was the purpose for God in me. But it was there, at Lydia,... read more