Monday It is the day after Palm Sunday. The dust has settled and Jesus is squarely in both a comforting and discomforting situation. Comforting because he grew up celebrating the High Holy Days in the “City of David.” Discomforting because Jesus knew something was very different; this was not the... read more

We are a busy world, challenged to cram anything else into our ever-important schedules. But recently Rev. Blair Thompson and I experienced the grace we receive by taking time to be with people. Of course we had to schedule this time on our calendars, but it was a privilege to... read more

We could have just sent money. Local construction crews could have built more with the money we could have sent. But what could have been sent could not have wept with the broken, sweat with the working, held hands with the prayerful, or laughed with the joyful. What could have... read more

Better Together

March 7, 2016

To seek your soul is a precious thing, But you will never find it on your own, Only among the clamor, threat, and pain Of other people’s needs will love be known.          - Kathy Galloway, Iona community, Scotland This excerpt of a recent “Seeking the Holy” reflection articulates the mission... read more

If we are not careful, life’s everyday routine can make us numb to God’s presence and deaf to God’s call. It is important to step beyond our comfort zones every day, even if only in small ways, so that we may be open to receiving God’s grace, and better equipped... read more