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Beyond Our Shores

April 25, 2016
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International travel connects people to people, opening our eyes to the wonder and beauty of the world’s great diversity. When we visit people in other countries, we learn not only about others but from others. Broadening our perspectives in this way shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world personally, culturally, and spiritually, which is why we are excited to invite you to Cuba this October.la-havane-ruelle-cuba

After half a century, the United States and Cuba have agreed to encourage more travel, now affording us the opportunity to meet people who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union, the tightening of the US embargo and the Cuban rafting crisis.

cuba-beach-landscape-at-dusk-with-building_02We will meet people who know perseverance, people with a deep and vibrant faith who know what it means to live with hope in the midst of despair. We make this journey to learn from their experience as they share their lives and their faith. We will be immersed in the cultural, artistic, humanitarian, and spiritual expression of our Cuban neighbors, meet artists, musicians, small business owners, students, and health workers. We will visit churches to learn about their history and movement within the Socialist Revolution, not only surviving but being revived.

trinidadcuba-75600_1280-1There’s more to this travel than old cars and good cigars. We travel not to consume, but to understand; to share God’s love with people beyond our shores, and in so doing be a part of God’s work beyond our community. The Cuban people have much to teach us, and expanding our hearts and minds with new understanding can’t help but change us.

Depart Miami October 16 – Return Miami October 23

Informational meeting Sunday, June 5, 12:00 pm in Crossroads.  Contact Rev. Linda Roby with questions and click here for registration information.

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