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Connecting With Poverty: Youth Mission Trip to Heifer Ranch

July 21, 2016
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Our Jr. High and Senior High youth spent last week at Heifer Ranch, connecting with local and global poverty issues and with each other. The most poignant moment of the trip came during the Global Village night experience on Tuesday evening. They were educated about the countries Heifer serves across the world, and the issues of poverty each country experiences. Our students were placed in the “Global Villages”  of Thailand and “The Slums” overnight to utilize their community resources to make dinner and spend the night in their village.

The limited food resources and village accommodations helped the youth connect with local issues of global poverty. They spent the evening sleeping on wood planks or on the dirt, and remarked that they had recognized through this experience that people in Dallas and across the world do not have beds to sleep in for multiple nights and even years at a time. Working together to make food for the evening also resonated, as they came to understand that people living in poverty must work each day to know where there next meal is coming from.

It was a unique experience for every student to connect with local and global issues of poverty in one night. We will continue to help our youth unpack this trip during Youth Week (August 1-5), which will explore local non-profit groups like Austin Street Center and Habitat for Humanity.

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