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Glennon Doyle Defines Compassion & Inclusion

September 29, 2017
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Compassion is not sympathy or pity. Compassion is when I invite your pain into my heart and then push it out through my hands. We can’t just sit with pain and eat a lot of carbs. Compassion comes from feeling that tenderness inside us and letting it move us to action. Compassion hurts. The beginning of compassion feels like pain, and our first impulse it to hit all the easy buttons to get rid of our pain, but heartbreak is not a mistake. Heartbreak is a really great clue leading us to our purpose. Notice the things that break your heart. All of these things are different avenues to the same destination of service. What breaks your heart is your direction. When you figure it out and go toward those people who are doing that healing work in the world, you will find your tribe.”

“We do not tolerate people. Tolerating is for traffic jams. Inclusion means seeking the oppressed. Whatever part of your community is hurting needs you to show up and love them as your love yourself. It means you want everything that you want for yourself for your neighbor – safe schools, marriage equality, a law enforcement system that is safe and there to serve and protect you. Showing up is love. I encourage you to react as a family to any kind of oppression as if it were happening to your own family – because it is. We are all one human family and inclusion is invitational and intentional.”

 – Glennon DoyleNew York Times bestselling author and founder of Momastery and Together Rising.

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