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I Am For Giving

September 14, 2016
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By Megan Stoker

In Acts 20, the Risen Christ said “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. As I think about giving within the context of First Church, I sometimes feel that I give BECAUSE of the blessings I have received. I have shared in so many ministry opportunities that make giving a priority for our family. This year’s stewardship theme is “For Giving,” I am just that.

I am for giving when my kids are welcomed to Sunday school and embraced by loving teachers and staff like Laura McCavit. Sunday school leaders that seek out the most amazing ways to nourish their developing faith, and help them experience the Gospel.

I am for giving when I have the opportunity to travel with Variations youth choir, led by Dana Effler, and see our youth perform in a long term care center and see the faces of the residents light up. To see our youth interact with residents there, as tears flow down their faces, because music had been shared that opened up a window to their past, and warm memories had come rushing to the fore.

I am for giving when tragedy or life’s difficult moments present themselves in our city or in our personal lives, and our congregation bands together in help, hope, support and encouragement in the face of uncertainty.

I am for giving when getting off a bus in the slums of Delhi, India with Linda Roby, and realize that our team would be building houses that would have some of the first septic tanks in that area, for improved sanitation and safety for all who lived there.

I am for giving when I travel on youth mission trip and watch Hannah Escalante and Dorian Albert encourage our young people to look inside themselves to what God would have for them as they navigate this awkward time of life called adolescence.

 I am for giving when I sit in worship and am moved by the good news being shared and the music that brings God in and fills a void in my week that can only be filled in the pew.

I am for giving when I am involved with UMW, First Gifts, VBS, Music and Arts, First Church University, J.J. Rhodes Learning Center, Bus ministry to C.C. Young ……………………

 The blessings that flow from all of these experiences are knit together becoming the fabric of my family’s life and story. To give generously in the midst of the blessings is an obvious choice. Little had I known, FirstChurch is for giving: for giving my life purpose with every “yes” in service and witness I find. Now, my family is finding “for-giving-ness” in every moment of vibrant life provided through the body of the Risen Christ called First United Methodist Church of Dallas.

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