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I Am For Giving

September 8, 2016
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By Weldon Bailey

Whenever I think of giving to the church, I am reminded of an experience from my childhood. My brothers and I were helping my dad with a project at our small town church. The church had bought an abandoned house next door to the church property. A group of men from the church volunteered to tear down the house and haul off the debris so that a parking lot could be built, and of course our dad volunteered us to help. One Saturday morning while we were hot, tired, and filthy, my dad looked at us and said, “This is real religion.”

As an adult, I’ve often thought back to that experience, and what my dad said. The men who were working that Saturday morning were not people you would expect to see singing in the choir or teaching a Sunday school class. But, on that day, God had provided them an opportunity to use their talents, and they gratefully chosen to give.

As we enter into our season of Stewardship, it is important for me and my family to recognize where God has provided us with an opportunity to give. I am grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to share the gift of music with others. Through singing in the choir I am able to be a part of a community of faith that serves God and our church every Sunday morning. The music program at First Church has been, and continues to be, a way for our family to give of our time and talents. Our family has also been blessed with the opportunity to give financially to support the missions and ministry of our church. As a parent, I hope that through faithful giving, I am able to make a lasting impact on the lives of my children so that they can continue to live their lives as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

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