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I Believe In “The Mystery”

September 26, 2016
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By our dearly departed Rev. Wallace Chappell

By Mystery I have in mind “the Reality behind God Language.” I have come to view it mystically, not as the contemplatives strive for oneness with “The Holy”; but most as a non-physical, non-material entity, experienced intuitively and mentally, as in St. Augustin’s “God who speaks within my thoughts.” (@ 410 in the CE). It is, for me now, an intra-psychic, paranormal state of consciousness. I no longer hold any anthropomorphic imagery of God: no skin face; no Santa Claus to my want list; and no instructions from me on how to run the universe.

And I also see The Mystery in interstellar space: black holes, exploding stars, dark matter, billions of galaxies, 13 ¼ billion years since the “Big Bang;” for even our scientists are puzzled by dark matter and dark energy as “the macro”—the vast. I also know The Mystery in my own micro dimension: neuronal activity in our brains; trillions of microscopic organisms in my gut, etc., the big and the tiny.

At the same time I experience awarenesses that pop into my thoughts, yet also bring with them a self-authenticating validity to which I must say “Yes”. I refer to these “voices – messages – insights – action commands” as “nudges”, each toward an awareness that wasn’t there a moment before. At times they seem to come from a “Beyond,” an “Other”, a “More”; that is, from The Mystery.

To discern the authority of the nudges I simply apply Jesus’ “Golden Rule,” and his lifeway, clear in “The Sermon On The Mount”: do no harm; do all the good you can; and keep listening for the next nudge.

The result of the nudges? The Mystery is variously experienced as a voice of Paternal Love; or Correcting Justice; or Kind Providence; or Wise Guide; Universal Hosteller; Holy Presence, Redeeming Saviour; etc. To such a voice I must reply “Yes.”

My next steps often flow from that “word”. If I am uncertain, clarity comes. When I feel lost, I find a way. Puzzled, a possibility. Exhausted, new life. If I am questing, I discover a mission. At an impasse, blocks are removed. Hungry, I am fed. At wit’s end, a clue. Too satisfied with me, and opening to a deeper self. Etc. Nudge after nudge. My story of life with The Mystery.

Yes, the nudges stem from The Mystery, a Reality in my thoughts when I “Listen” (a name for prayer). But they are mental, not physical, in nature. They lead me from here to there in my unfolding humanness, and my openness to God language, as well as fulfilling the great design of The Mystery for my life.

Yes. I believe in The Mystery. Yes. Yes.

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