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Prayers for Orlando

June 12, 2016   |   By Andy Stoker
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As the sun sets on the East Coast tonight, we invite you to pray for families and friends who have lost loved ones and those holding vigil at hospital bedsides.

“Our hearts are broken, O God. Yet again, one of your children has died in the name of a skewed view of righteousness. When will we learn that what separates us is slight, molecular and insignificant. There are no lessons to be learned from short-sighted narrow-mindedness. When will we learn that violence answers no eternal question? There are no lessons to be learned at the muzzle end of a gun, except sadness and loss. When will we learn that the violence of the Cross is the last act of indifference? There are no greater lessons to be learned by exclusion, hatred and injustice.

“We pray tonight for those who were targeted because of their sexuality. We pray tonight for those whose view of righteousness is set upon restrictive and recursive laws set forth by misappropriations and misinterpretations of the limitedness of Your Grace, O God of Love. Every child is your Child, O God. Period. There are no exceptions.

“Help us all to be a people transformed by an inward Grace, so that our outward behavior may become aligned with your Justice, Mercy and Peace. Yes, our hearts are broken, so allow your transforming Love to re-engage us not for wrath’s sake, but righteousness’ sake aligned with loving You and loving our Neighbor as ourselves. We pray this in the name of the One who calls and compels us for much more. Amen.”

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