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Reflections From Our Graduating Seniors

May 21, 2017
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The time I laughed the hardest was when on tour in Georgia and Dana was on painkillers for her pulled back. We went out for milkshakes at midnight, sang “The Storm Is Passing Over” in a thunderstorm, and taught Dana how to take a selfie. – Miranda

One of my happiest memories was…

…when touring with Variations to Walt Disney World. Singing Disney songs, in particular, at churches and retirement communities seemed to bring such joy to residents. Performing at the Main Street Electrical Parade was amazing, too. I love singing, and performing on choir tour lets me share my passion with others!  – Katarina

…the drive out to Heifer with some of my favorite people in the van, along with an unintended, four hour pit-stop because of a blown-out tire. – Avery

…when I found out we were not in the slums on the Heifer Mission Trip. – Zane

…when we were at Heifer the second time, and the slums ended up making food for everyone. I remember cooking the rice for something like three hours because we had to cook over an open fire. The time it took and all the strife that happened along the way seemed to disappear when everyone joined us for a meal. It’s the largest evidence of community I’ve seen with FUMC and I will always remember that. – Josie

…when half of our family group fell in love with our zip lining instructor, Tyler, on the tour in Oklahoma. He would say the weirdest things like calling me “Blondie,” calling Mia “Flowers,” and Ms. McClinchie “Mama.” He also talked in like three different accents and we were so confused but he was also just so fun and energetic and positive so of course we loved him.  – Gwyneth

When Avery Johnson and I ran through the rain during the Variations Tour in Chicago. – Izabelle

Words of wisdom…

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t get bogged down by all the little assignments and minor activities, but spend your time doing what you love. In the end, all those little things won’t matter, but your passions will. – Katharine

What has FirstChurch meant to you in your life?

FirstChurch is a third generation family to me.  – Teddy

FirstChurch is a place where I can let my feelings out. – Paul

FirstChurch has always meant a home away from home, even as I constantly changed schools and where I lived, FirstChurch was always there. It was a community when I needed it the most, and it was a family when mine couldn’t be there. – Josie

FirstChurch means friendship and community – Will

FirstChurch has been a community, a family. My friends at church are the most dependable and reliable. I can always count on FirstChurch to be there for me, no matter how long I am gone. – Miranda

FirstChurch has been a second home to me, especially during high school, which is honestly so rough. I made amazing friends that love me unconditionally, and have felt so much support from every adult in the FirstChurch community, whether they know me or not. It’s somewhere I know I can come back to at any time and will be welcomed with open arms. – Gwyneth


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