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Sail Through the Summer with Mindfulness

May 15, 2019
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We’re excited to have Farahana Surya Namaskar as our guest blogger this week. Farahana has been an amazing partner to FirstChurch in working with our kids and parents around mindfulness. See her recommendations below for using mindfulness to have the most relaxing family summer possible!


YIKES! The summer is fast approaching so the school year routine will no longer be in effect. That means our day-to-day activities will shift and change. Mindfulness techniques can be extremely helpful as we individually and collectively prepare for changes, and deal with new/unexpected situations when they arise.

Mindfulness is coming to an awareness of the present moment with compassion and without judgment. Engaging in a Mindfulness practice can bring improved focus, attention and clarity in the present moment, and over time, we can become less reactive and more responsive when we are triggered by challenging situations. We operate less on autopilot mode and learn to receive each moment with less judgment and more compassion. We feel more calm and relaxed during stressful situations and learn to be more accepting of what is rather that what we think should be.

When parents and children engage in a more conscious and purposeful mindfulness practice, the overall family experience can be more fulfilling. Each family member is held accountable for their own mindfulness journey; parents and children can both teach and learn from each other. Remember, receive each other and the experience for what it is, not what you think it should be. Compassion and judgment free experiences are key! Mindfulness is an individual experience but its practice when implemented as a whole family is very effective. Parents and children holding each other accountable and encouraging each other during the practice is a great way to grow together.

Simple Mindfulness Tools

Incorporating a daily practice in your home at a consistent time of day where parents and children can all be involved together is a great idea. If you start your day with mindfulness, you are allowing yourself to begin your day with a fresh and clear mind. At the end of the day, encourage each other to talk and share experiences and how each of you used mindful tools to get through the challenges you faced.

  1. In the morning, start your day with an intentional 10-breath cycle exercise. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a moment and then slowly and deeply exhale out through your mouth. Do this 10 times. You can do this with your eyes open first. Do the same thing with your eyes closed. Which did you prefer? Why? Were you able to concentrate better doing it with your eyes open or closed?
  2. Go enjoy a walk outdoors. Use your five senses so that you can pay better attention to your surroundings. When you use your five senses during the walk, you pay attention and notice more than you would if you were not being mindful during your walk.
  3. Take a bath/shower and imagine the water washing any dense energy or stressful thoughts that you are holding on to. Imagine the water literally cleansing your body and freeing you from anything that is causing your stress or anxiety.
  4. Listen to some calming music.
  5. Writing always helps. When we write things down, we give ourselves permission to express in a safe way what we are feeling. We can be open and honest. In this way, we don’t experience judgment from others.

Enjoy your mindfulness journey this summer! For more information about mindfulness workshops and training, contact me at mmseries2016@gmail.com or visit www.mindfulnessmeditationseries.com. 

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