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The Corners of Flood Relief

October 4, 2017
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By Rev. Holly Bandel

Shelia was strong and courageous – the homeowner we met on our September trip to Baton Rouge. Our team was taken by her presence and story. She has been living with family members since the floods in August 2016. Six feet of water had come into her home, and we had the pleasure of helping her with flooring, sheet rock and tape and bedding in her home.

When I first met her, she was crying. Her car had died, and she had spent the day prior trying to figure out who she could borrow a car from to get to and from her new job. It was the straw. She had held it together through the floods, she was grieving the loss of her two stepsons who had drowned in August of this year – and now the car. We spent time talking, praying and counting on God’s promises together.

Shelia is one of thousands in need of flood relief. Throughout our short trip to Baton Rouge, I learned how to tape and bed the corners of the sheet rock walls. It was an unexpected realization that while we were tending the physical, the grace of Christ was present to bind Shelia and our team as our cornerstone. The Holy Spirit was taping and binding us together.

I will remember always this strong and courageous woman who leans on the devotion that comes to her phone each day. Sheila sees God working around her in the grief, pain and rebuilding. As we continue to reach out to those affected by floods across our nation, may we pray for the love of God to be the cornerstone that binds us together.

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