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The Family That Holds You

January 21, 2017
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10 years ago, Karen Kendall traveled to Chattanooga to be at her mother’s bedside.  A brain hemorrhage had dissolved most of her mother’s speech, leaving her in a nursing home with limited functions.  What remained, by some miracle, was her mother’s ability to sing. So together they sang Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, You Are My Sunshine, and Girl Scout tunes, not to pass the time, but to fill it with hope and love. 

 In those years of bedside care, Karen realized how important a 5-minute visit and distraction was to all members of her family, not because of their abundance, but because of their scarcity.  Without much reprieve, Karen’s father said, “I wish we had understood this earlier and your mother and I would have visited people even if they weren’t our friends.”

After her mother’s passing in 2012, Karen joined FirstChurch’s Insiders Ministry – a ministry devoted to visiting and calling people who otherwise have few opportunities for connection. Other ministries that operate behind the scenes to care for our members and share God’s love include Prayer Shawl Ministry, Card Ministry and Prayer Ministry. 

2013-08-12-21-00-copy-of-fumc-dallas_20130120_0464-600x400On Sunday, we will honor the dozens of men and women who hand-craft shawls for persons in the hospital, visit nursing homes, write to members and pray for each individual on our FirstChurch prayer list. Their care and compassion wraps us all in the soft reminder of God’s grace, and we invite you to join us in 11:00 worship for the dedication of the prayer shawls and to recognize the unflagging compassion of these ministry members. 

To get involved in one of these ministries, click here or contact Rev. JoNell Lindh.

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