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The Process of Confirmation

November 13, 2019
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This fall is packed with activities for youth – some of our tweens and teens are currently in the journey toward Confirmation. These young people go through a series of classes to learn the basic tenets of our faith and to have a safe environment to ask questions and grapple with the truths and intricacies of what it means to be a Christian. In this space, they come to understand what it means to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and to make their first public profession of faith.

“Confirmation is another step along the way in continuing to build our faith foundation,” said Leah Bailey, Associate Director with Youth and Their Families, who oversees the Confirmation process. “It is a time to learn, discern, question and experience God and faith with your peers and with trusted adults, Faith Partners. On Confirmation Sunday, we want them to be able to say for themselves that they have study, discussed, thought about, prayed about what it means to be a United Methodist. They are now ready to profess for themselves that they want to continue on this faith journey with full membership into our congregation.”

This year’s class has 15 confirmands, and each are taking part in the series of meetings, retreats and outside homework assignments they have to complete during the fall. Confirmand Cade Beal-Knight said he’s enjoyed the process so far, in which he’s picked up a new quote: “Faith isn’t to feel uneasy about the future, but to be prepared and dive headfirst into the day.” He does believe, though, that you have to be committed to the process.

“If you sense that you aren’t prepared  or you don’t even want to do it, because you don’t feel as though it will clear up anything or resolve your faith, then by all means don’t, but remember you need an exceptional reason with facts that can reinforce your main reason,” Cade said.

Confirmand Alexandra Stanton said confirmation has grown her faith.

“It’s cool to think that my faith partner cares about me,” said Alexandra of her faith partner Dottie Dunham. “We talk about faith in a deeper way than we otherwise would. I feel closer to God (through this process). I’ve been getting closer with my friends in my grade, and I hope to be friends with them until we all graduate as seniors.”


We are excited to see this Confirmation Class finish their journey in January!


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