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The Things I Say

May 1, 2016
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We spend
an hour together
each week

I say a lot of things
to him:

Good to see you
Let’s go to the reading room
Leave your candy
for lunchtime
Thank you

Pick out a book
Who is the main character?
What is the setting?

Let’s look at our lesson
We’re learning a new sound today!
Can you repeat after me?
Try again.
You got it!

Let’s learn a few new words
I will point to a word,
you tell me what it is
Sound it out
You got it!
Let’s go over it one more time

Your turn to read to me
Wow, you are doing great!
Keep it up!

And while all of this
is important
what I have learned
is that

it is what I say
to him
about him
that means
the most:

I think you are an
awesome kid

You are kindhearted
and smart
and you try so hard

You teach me
about never giving up
and having a good attitude

I want you to know
that I see a lot of people
in my week
but spending time with you
and reading with you
is the best

It is a privilege
to be your
reading partner

I’m so proud of you

I once heard
that words of affirmation
are like bread

we need them
to stay alive inside
oh that I might offer
bread for him!

and in so doing,
O God

may I also
leave feeling
fed and full
of your grace

– Rev. Blair Thompson

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