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Thoughts on Prayer

June 26, 2019
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Our own Rev. JoNell Lindh taught a wonderful class on prayer this past Spring. Below, she shares some insights on what prayer really means in our lives and a lovely example prayer – a great reminder to make prayer a priority even as we move through our summer travels! 

I believe in prayer, whether answered as I wished or not. This mystical connection we’ve been gifted by the Holy Spirit is heard and always answered by our righteous Creator.

Prayer has been referred to as the breath of the soul. We are surrounded by the air which allows us to breathe. The air all around us actually puts pressure on us to be able to come into our lungs. It’s way more difficult to hold your breath than it is to breathe. So our God will come into our hearts when He is bidden to enter unless we deny God’s entrance.

We come before God with a humble and helpless attitude. The language of our prayers may be our own words, the words of others, or music, or silence, or scripture, or anger, or rebellion. Our God hears and understands and loves us anyway.

What if God is interdependent with the world? Prayer can make a difference to what God can do in the world and in us. Suppose that prayer is our openness to God who pervades the universe and therefore each of us, and that prayer is also God’s openness to us. So then, prayer is not just for our sakes, but also for God‘s sake. This would make prayer essential to God as well as to each of us.

God is wooing us toward a deeper relation with each other and with God’s own self. What if prayer is God’s invitation to us to be willing partners in the great dance of bringing the world into being something that reflects God’s character?

Prayer is the natural result of living in relationship with our God. Let our prayer become as natural as breathing. Pray constantly by breathing in God’s grace and love and breathing out thanksgiving. Be thankful for the gift of each moment of every day.


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