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Trumpet in the Storm

July 15, 2016
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A reflection of healing and hope by Rev. Ann Willet

The seeds arrived in a small brown envelope on March 12. Though I planted them within a week, the cool soil held them captive until mid-May, when three small shoots emerged. This new friend grows to three feet in height and width, thrives in Dallas heat, and produces fragrant saucer-sized white blossoms early summer through early fall. The plant is a Datura, with a common name of Angel’s Trumpet.

In the week just past, our city has begun the work of healing after tragic violence at a peaceful rally. We feel God’s Spirit in our midst, bringing us together and moving us forward. And yet, healing is difficult and exhausting work. After several memorial services, clergy meetings to address solutions, and round-the-clock media coverage, I need God’s peace that I find in my garden. Gardening is a form of worship for me. In the planting, watering, and tending, I find myself once again connected to the source of my joy and strength.

After this morning’s storm, I discovered a single Angel’s Trumpet, still covered with tears. The warm afternoon sun will surely bring the bloom to its full glory, and it will shine like a light from the dark foliage around it. In a single blossom, I see the resurrection hope that will nourish me today.


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