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What brings you joy?

December 1, 2016
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Do you have a particular passion? I do… I love purses: big, little, cheap, expensive… I just love purses. But how many purses does one girl need? Asking these questions, even on the small scale of purse choices, helps me focus on what I am really passionate about.

My deepest passion is loving my family and friends: caring, affirming and spending time with them. Every Sunday I get to come to my favorite place – the church – to be with you, my friends and my church family. You keep me grounded and focused on my true passion – to love others the way God has called us to.

Our church home, like any home, needs to be cared for. I have been a member for over 20 years, serving on staff for 14 of those years, and am continually amazed by the work that we accomplish with the money we give. Our church uses every dollar received for the good of the Church, which is us – the body of Christ. Our gifts not only care for the structure and staff, but also educate and care for our children, youth, adults and seniors. We are the Church and we do great work together!

As you consider the gifts you will give and receive this Christmas season, reflect on your passion. What gives you life, light, strength and hope? If FirstChurch answers that question for you, as it does for me, please give generously this December so that we may continue to grow our home for the glory of God and for the love of one another.

FirstChurch needs $470,000 to close the year. There is no gift too large or too small. Just give! You may mail your Christmas offering in the enclosed envelope, place it in the offering plate during worship, or give online.
We are better together!
Gratefully Yours,

Sherrye Bass

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