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Why I Embraced the Enneagram

April 20, 2017
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By Dana Effler

The Enneagram has helped me see my personality in action, understand my motivations, and let go of excesses – the strengths that can become my weaknesses.  It has allowed me to see for the first time what has been right in front of me all along, empowering me to understand things about myself and the people I love like never before. The more the Enneagram taught me to understand about myself and others, the more my compassion grew, my relationships deepened and my faith strengthened.

If you are new to the Enneagram and haven’t identified your number yet, be patient. It may take a while. Sometimes you have to observe yourself for a while before the petals of self-knowledge unfold, but it is a journey well worth taking. Once you have Enneagram wisdom, it will inform the way you view the world and manage relationships for the rest of your life.

If you’ve signed up to attend this weekend’s workshop, Know Your Number, you know that Suzanne Stabile is an Enneagram Master. What you may not know (if you’ve have never met her) is what a warm and engaging person she is. She is a masterful story-teller who will keep you laughing, sometimes crying, but always entertained! The two day workshop will fly by and leave you wanting more.

That’s where I come in! Following Suzanne’s workshop, I am offering a class as part of FirstChurch University (FCU) entitled So You Think You Know Your Number… Now What? (Tuesday evenings starting April 25).  After my first Know Your Number workshop, I became hooked on the Enneagram but I had a lot of questions. That’s part of the Enneagram’s beauty – there’s always more to ask and more to learn.

I have been studying the Enneagram with Suzanne for four years, and hope my FCU course will be an opportunity for you to deepen your journey into the Enneagram after this weekend’s workshop. My goal is to help you find some answers and point you toward next steps so that you may begin to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom that will make a real difference in your life. I look forward to walking with you on this journey!




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