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Zone56 Finishes a Great Year!

May 1, 2019
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Our children’s and youth programs are doing amazing things these days, and it’s great to see our kids growing in their faith. The staff and parents supporting our children and youth are going above and beyond to ensure our children are learning exactly what they need to when they need to, and are guiding them along that journey. Below, Associate Director with Youth and Their Families Leah Bailey, talks about the wonderful achievements of Zone56 students this year.

Zone56 is our unique way of entering into developmentally-appropriate Christian education with 5th and 6th graders at FirstChurch. It is important to set this particular group apart, as they’re older and more advanced than FirstKids, but not quite ready for immersion in the Youth program. Zone56 allows these students to:

  • Belong to a specific community where they can build intentional relationships with each other and with God through Sunday School and retreats
  • Use developmentally-appropriate spiritual studies and practices to deepen faith
  • Develop and encourage student leadership throughout the church
  • Build connections with the church and community
  • Strengthen their community foundation for future years of fellowship and study together

This year Zone56 :

  • Served as Acolytes for worship;
  • Had two on-campus retreats;
  • Had a family bowling night;
  • Ran two booths at the Fall Festival;
  • Led the Hanging of the Greens Service;
  • Formed the Zone56 band that played during the Hanging of the Greens Service;
  • Participated in the Children at the Manger;
  • Hosted guests who informed them about the Capital Campaign, how it impacts them and what they can do in order to support the ongoing Campaign;
  • Collected three food boxes for the Lenten Food Drive;
  • Ran the face painting booth at the church Easter Picnic and Egg Hunt.

Zone56 students are looking forward to taking a large leadership role in Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year, which includes leading the opening and closing ceremonies each day with enthusiasm.  These ceremonies lay the foundation for the day’s events by educating VBS participants on the scripture, theme, purpose and daily theme music.

Students will also have the opportunity to take the Created By God Class, which is a course the church offers to help students and families navigate conversations and education around human sexuality.

Zone56 is located on the 3rd floor down the hall from the gym and youth room.  After the renovations we will still be in our location, just with a new and improved look – one that we believe will bolster community building for our young people, which will in turn strengthen their faith and commitment to the church.  Thank you for your support of the Zone56 program, and we look forward to another great year of building and growing starting in the fall!

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