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Become a Rhoads Reading Partner

PTRhoads Reading Partners are needed for this fall!
Make a huge difference by joining us as we become Reading Partners for the kids in our adopted school!

To learn more about J.J. Rhoads Learning Center, please visit their website:  dallasisd.org/rhoads

Here are the steps for signing up to be a reading partner:

  1. Go to this link: http://info.readingpartners.org/volunteer-in-dallas to sign up as a reader.
  2. Select Joseph J Rhoads Elementary School
  3. Contact Betty Black at bbbjdb68@sbcglobal.net once you’ve registered.

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We would love to meet you! From our Rotunda Theatre to the magnificent bell tower, we have lots of corners to show you and a great history to share. We look forward to answering your questions about our ministry, theology and outreach, and invite you to join us for a tour.

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