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Rise Mission and Outreach Fund

The Rise Fund allows FirstChurch to answer God’s call to care for our neighbors in greatest need. As a Christian family, our commitment to serve is a critical part of the faith journey we travel, and the Rise Fund awards grants on a competitive basis to FirstChurch’s mission and outreach partners who are most effectively serving our communities. God has blessed this congregation with great gifts, and together we can push outside our walls to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

As we work toward a happier, healthier and highly educated city, the impact we make is greater together. Please consider making a donation. Our partner agencies are doing great work to end hunger and increase access to education, and together we can make a meaningful difference.
Click here to make a donation to the Rise fund today.

The Rise Fund is currently focused on providing resources for organizations and ministries that promote compassion and inclusivity throughout our city and across the globe. We are engaged in mission and advocacy for the holistic education of children, youth and adults.

When you give to the Rise Fund, whether a communion rail offering or an undesignated mission gift, you play a vital part in FirstChurch’s ability to affect change in our neighborhoods and beyond. The Rise Fund enables us to maximize the effectiveness of every monetary gift, ensuring that our missions and outreach dollars are truly transformative.

The Rise Fund Committee awards grants to selected agencies’ requests each December. Agencies receiving funds have been thoroughly vetted by the committee, which continues to follow up with the agencies. This collaborative, accountability-based, approach emphasizes year-long stewardship and partnership with organizations that are helping
to transform our community.

Rise Mission and Outreach Fund FAQs

How are the funded agencies chosen?
Agencies must apply every year for support and are selected based on criteria such as:
– Impact on individuals, both givers and receivers
– Alignment with FirstChurch strategic mission
– History/affiliation with FirstChurch
– Efficiency/effectiveness of mission

Who is on the selection committee?
The Rise Fund committee is comprised of a broad spectrum of FUMC members, including members of varying ages, backgrounds and passions. Some have finance backgrounds, others have history with specific missions, but all have a heart for mission and advocacy and the desire for transformational giving.

Can I still give directly to my favorite mission?
We encourage you to give to the Rise Fund because our collective investment makes the greatest impact. However, there are opportunities throughout the year to donate to specific missions.

Still have more questions?
Please contact Rev. Holly Bandel, Associate Minister for Mission & Advocacy at hbandel@fumcdallas.org.

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