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Join Our Family

If you have been visiting with FirstChurch and have found a faith family where you feel comfortable and want to be a part of, we encourage you to make a commitment and join the church. We would love to be in covenant with you as a part of your discipleship journey.

At the conclusion of each worship service, there is an open invitation to be received into membership. The minister will ask about your prior church affiliation, if any, and about your Christian baptism. Anyone who desires to follow the teachings of Jesus, is baptized and desires to support the United Methodist Church and this congregation is welcome to join. Many people who have not been baptized request this sacrament at the same time they join the church.

Jesus Christ is the center of all that we are as a church, all that we believe and do as Christians. Methodism began with the desire of John Wesley to reform the Church of England in the mid-eighteenth century. Though the denomination did not organize churches until after his death, John Wesley laid the foundation for a balanced and sensible way of following Christ to incorporating scripture, reason, tradition and experience. For more information on the history and organization of the United Methodist Church, visit www.umc.org the official Web site of the denomination.

Ways to Join

By Profession of Faith and Baptism. A person who begins the Christian life does so through baptism, which is a symbol of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. For a young person or an adult this also is an opportunity to profess one’s faith. If God is leading you to this decision, one of the pastors will be happy to visit with you about this important step in your spiritual life.

By Transfer from Another Denomination. Since you have been baptized into the Christian faith in another denomination, it is not necessary to be re-baptized to celebrate your spiritual growth. You will be asked this question, “As a disciple of Jesus Christ, will you support the United Methodist Church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your service?” The church staff will handle the details of notifying your former church.

By Transfer from Another United Methodist Church. Arrangements will be made to transfer your membership from another United Methodist Church. All of the necessary details will be handled by the church staff.

Affiliate and Associate Membership. If you are a United Methodist whose membership is in another city or state and you wish to retain that membership in your “home” church, you can become an Affiliate Member. This grants you pastoral oversight and full participation in our church, but you will not be added to the church rolls. Members of other Christian denominations may elect to become Associate Members under the same conditions.

For more information on joining FirstChurch, please contact Anna Bundy at 214-220-2727, ext. 221.

Want to know more?

We would love to meet you! From our Rotunda Theatre to the magnificent bell tower, we have lots of corners to show you and a great history to share. We look forward to answering your questions about our ministry, theology and outreach, and invite you to join us for a tour.

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